About the Professors

As “die hard” Nikonians for the past 8 years, Rick Hulbert and Rick Paul have grown and blossomed, photographically, because of the Nikonians Community.

They have taken their diverse backgrounds and embraced Nikon Photography in a big way.

Rick Paul has supplemented his 25 year career as an Aerospace Engineer by creating and developing a successful Wedding Photography and Portrait Photography Business (now 5 years old) in addition to his success as a Stock Photographer. Further, Rick has been teaching photography skills to company factory workers.

Rick Hulbert has leveraged his 35 year background as an Architect and Urban Designer as a springboard for his current activities as a Teacher, Lecturer and Workshop Leader in the areas of Architectural Photography, Travel Photography, and Photography of the Urban Environment.

As ANPAT veterans, both Rick and Rick have shared a common interest in Landscape and Wildlife Photography.

As veteran Nikonians, Rick and Rick have bought into the Nikonian Mantra of “Learn, Share, and Inspire.” and see the key objective going forward as reinforcing that dogma.

All Nikonians have appreciated the contribution of the Image Doctors over the past 150 episodes. There is now an opportunity to re-energize and widen the interest from our members, globally. While the membership will continue to have a high interest in Nikon Gear and Equipment along with Developments in Software, Rick and Rick believe that there is also a thirst for wanting to learn how to improve personal photographic skills. It is this “educational” component they see adding to the mix.

With the notion of embracing the motto Learn, Share, and Inspire,the Photo Professors will be contributing a monthly Podcast commencing in the New Year.

Rick Paul . . .

  • Graduated from UCLA in 1986 with a Degree in Engineering
  • Worked in Aerospace Industry since 1985
  • First camera was a 1952 model Kodak Brownie Synchro
  • First SLR was a Fujica ST705
  • Developed and printed black and white photographs for many years
  • Moved up to Nikon in 1991 with an N90
  • Discovered Nikonians in 2005, purchased an F6
  • Purchased a D200 just a year later, right before ANPAT 6
  • Attended ANPATs 6, 7, and 8
  • Founded Saguaro Shadows Photography, LLC in 2008
  • Currently enjoys a flourishing portrait and wedding photography business
  • Loves gear and continues to battle NAS (Nikon Acquisition Syndrome)


Rick Hulbert . . .

  • Academician, Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts
  • Fellow, Royal Architectural Insitute of Canada
  • Founding Chariman, Arts Umbrella School of Visual and Performing Arts Foundation
  • International Award winning Photographer, Architect, Urban Designer
  • Photography Teacher, Vancouver Photo Workshops Studios
  • First cameras were a Brownie Hawkeye followed by a Pentax H3V
  • First Digital Nikon was the Coolpix 990
  • Joined Nikonians in 2005
  • Photographic assignments on four continents
  • Afflicted with acute Nikon Acquisition Syndrome (NAS) since 2000